College professor by day, hanaso tutor by night - a drastic career change! Being in the marketing and business management for 25 years was enough. It was time to move on and share my knowledge and experiences to the younger generation. My job as a professor and a tutor complement each other. To my college students, I share what I've learned from my hanaso students and vice versa. For example, in my Total Quality Management class, I've talked about the experience of one of my hanaso student on

Tutor Agnes – Offline Professor, Online Tutor

I was working as a nurse, earning minimum wage and working for about 8-12 hours a day before starting out as a tutor. As a new parent, I wanted to focus on taking care of my child but it would mean that I had to give up my career. Being a home-based teacher at Unhoop Philippines helped me to work without leaving my child to caregivers. Having a flexible schedule enables me to work without the hassle of commuting and dealing with harsh traffic jam, as well as running the risk of acquiring disease

Tutor Cookie – Happy Mommy with New Baby

Someone said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” How lucky can I get for finding a job that I love as a Hanaso tutor? Let me count me the ways. It’s convenient. I don’t need to wade through the hideous traffic or horrifying long MRT queues every morning. My way to work is basically from my bed to the bathroom for some quick obligatory preening to the kitchen for brewing a cup of coffee then to the workspace for clicking the standby button.

Tutor Merrilee – Devoted Educator

"Hello! I am tutor Regi. Ever since I was a little boy, being a doctor has been my biggest dream. That’s why after college, I went immediately to medical school. But life has been challenging. It has brought me to a different world, far away from the realms of the science of medicine: the world of ESL teaching. I have been teaching English as a Secondary Language for about two years now; and I am truly enjoying every single part of it. At first, it was difficult, given the fact that I was a

Tutor Regi – Aspiring Doctor

Hi. My name is Lian. I am a stay at home Mom for 11 years and an UNHOOP tutor for five years. When I got married, I decided to quit my job to raise my children. As they were growing older, I decided to find a job that suits my lifestyle. Unhoop opened the opportunity for me to have a career again at the convenience of my own home. It gives me the freedom to work at my most convenient time, giving me the ability to balance time between family and work. The students are so nice too. Through the ye

Tutor Lian – Stay-at-home Mom