Yes! We, on the other hand, will reward you with a signing bonus upon completion of the training. Isn’t that great?

Furthermore, all the things that you need to know in becoming a successful and effective ESL educator will be provided to you for free!

We do, however, give a transportation allowance of PHP100 per day for those who will be attending the training in Makati provided of course that you won’t be late. Please note that office training in Makati has been suspended until further notice. Training will only be done online via Skype.

The training is done per batch and you will need to attend all days to complete the training. Our training program includes both asynchronous and synchronous training.

  • Asynchronous training: Saturday to Monday.Pre-recorded videos and lesson course materials. Self-paced
  • Synchronous training: Online Training via Skype. Tuesday to Thursday (10 AM to 5:10 PM)

Training might extend depending on your performance during the evaluation.

Yes, submitting a COR is our critical requirement.  A COR is a Certificate of Registration and it is like a business permit for freelancers. You can get this at your nearest BIR office.

Yes. Training will only be done online via Skype. With or without teaching experiences, attending the training is required. Our training program is specifically designed for Unhoop tutors and will equip you with the tools needed to teach OUR students. The company’s lesson modules, tutor performance evaluation system, lesson procedures, etc. will all be discussed during training. Again, please note that office training in Makati has been suspended until further notice.

Yes, casual or smart-casual.

You are free to open many lessons as you want as long as you can comply to the following requirements:

  • A total of minimum of 10 hours work per week (at least 5 hours weekdays and 5 hours on weekdays)
  • Opening of classes on weekend is required
  • May open classes between 5 AM – 11:30 PM
  • Permanent work schedule depends on your availability (can also open classes outside of the permanent work schedule – provided that you can teach on the time slots you opened to avoid any cancellation of classes)

We are catering to Japanese nationals, ages 3 to 70 years old! We have students whose English level is beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Yes, you can teach outside your home as long as it is an area approved by the system checker. Teaching in public places is not allowed.

Using your own postpaid internet connection is required. Making use of the following are  strictly prohibited:  any pre-paid internet connection,  connections with data cap, connecting to a third-party  internet connection, stick broadband, postpaid sim and loadable internet connection.

Yes, provided that you were able to pass our system check during the interview and be able to sustain a stable WIFI connection.

Remittance is through ATM bank transfer. If you have a BDO savings account, you only need to give us your account details. If you don’t have one yet, we’ll assist you in opening an account under our company name.

Yes, as long as those online English schools do not cater to Japanese nationals.

Our peak hours are from 5AM to 8AM and 5PM onwards.

Taxable or non-taxable, filing of taxes is required. You will only be subjected to pay taxes if  your annual salary exceeds 250,000.00.

No need to get your COR before you can join the training. However, it is highly encouraged to get your COR during the training period.

You are only allowed to get your COR at the BIR RDO office where your present address is assigned.

Yes, the original receipts serve as proof that you are rendering your services a legal freelancer. This also serves as a basis of how many percent the freelancer will shoulder. Note that the OR can only be printed from any BIR accredited printer.

If the line of business is not an Online English Tutor, as long as it is updated and is willing to add teaching as a line of business that is fine. Whereas, if the line of business is Online English Tutor is updated and renewed, that is fine as well.

Your name and your TIN should be the one indicated in your official receipt as the COR being used is yours and not your family’s.

Yes, you can apply without having any TIN yet. However, securing one during the training period is required.

Assessment is given to those who can speak Nihongo. Once qualified, an incentive is given as a Japanese speaker. However, speaking the Nihongo is not required.

Applicants must be residing in the Philippines. We are requiring our tutors to get a COR as instructed by the BIR. A COR is a legal document that can only be acquired in the Philippines.

Salary are remitted every 10th of the month.

Although both give a better audio quality, our standard is to use a stick-type headset only.

Yes, Unhoop is a booking system. This means that the students are free to choose their tutors. This only means that your pay will be depending on the booked lessons. No booking of lessons, no pay.